The Committee


Dear members


All ranges at Brockholes will be opening on Saturday the 3rd of April


We have put in place safety procedures and practices to safe guard our members so it can be run safely to protect  every one’s  health .


Updated covid 19 safety precautions will apply copy attached for your ref.


You will be required to download the NHS track and trace app.

You will also be required to scan the NHS QR code on each visit.


When we  open up you will be expected to help run the range and help it run smoothly by doing range duties

And keeping to safe distances and observing strict hygiene practises while doing this.


The range will be open to members only, no guests, no visitors.

To attend the range you will need to book in a week in advance and book any components  needed  at the same time  These will be packaged ready for collection when you attend .

Booking in for Saturday will be done by filling in a simple online form accessed by a  link to be sent out by email every Sunday.  You will be unable to prebook before Sunday for the following Saturday

 You will be asked whether you  shoot TR. F.Class   or other  on the 100 yd range.

There will be a separate link to book small bore shooting other days Wednesday mid-day-

Thursday evening - next Sunday morning. 

You can pay by card on the day  at the time of arrival   no cash or cheques will be accepted.


This must be booked no later than Wednesday /3 days before the shooting date to allow for squadding & duties.

You will be allocated a squadding  time  and a duty by Friday /1 day before the shooting date 

Please only turn up for your allocated time to avoid congestion.


You will be required to stay in your car until required to shoot or carry out a designated duty

You are permitted to bring a chair with you and sit by your car on suitable days.


Please park well apart to allow this.


All this is designed to be a limited attendance so as to not overwhelm the club safety measures.


Just turning up on the day will not be allowed you will be sent home.


You may not be required to wear a mask but bring one with you just in case.


The club house will be closed no food or drink will  be  available on range please bring your own.

The toilet Facilities will be open but you are expected to clean and sanitize it when you have used it.

Materials will be provided for this. Do not put anything but toilet paper down the toilet.


Hand sanitizer will be available on the range but to help please bring your own.


Best regards and good health 


The committee HRC.



Welcome to the Members section of the Huddersfield Rifle Club.  Moving forwards all information relating to the clubs members will now be posted in this secure section of the clubs website, away from public viewing.

If you are a HRC member and don't already have an account to log into this website then please click on the 'Create an account' link on the Login Form to the right.  Once your membership has been confirmed your account will be enabled.

If you have shot at HRC but are not a member of the club you can still register for access to the website as a guest.  This access will be limited.